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How it works: 

  • Review list below (prices updated weekly by Sun). 

  • Text order by Monday 4pm. (or hand write and send a photo)

  • Pay when you get your total.

  • Delivered free on Wed/Thurs/Fri.

Currently not operating. 

We are a small, local business serving Portland, Port Fairy, Warrnambool, Hamilton, and surrounding areas in south-west VIC. We provide FREE delivery of fresh produce that is sourced both locally, and from the freshly picked options at the market in Melbourne. Our aim is to provide fresh fruit and vegetables with maximum nutrients that are free from synthetic chemicals such as insecticides, pesticides and herbicides. These items will be listed below as SPRAY FREE or Cert ORGANIC. This is what we want to eat and this is the kind of farmer we want to support.

We also offer a very minimal number of conventionally grown items that are sourced from the freshest grown quality sources. This is to offer as an option, fresh products that cannot otherwise be made available.  These will change with seasonability.

Sorry customers, we are taking a break for the meantime. No orders until further notice.

​The minimum order is $40 for deliveries (excludes non-produce items, which are additional).

P R O D U C E    L I S T

Next week's $49 Rainbow Boxes will have APPLES, BANANAS, WATERMELON, BROCCOLI, PAK CHOY, CORN, POTATOES, CARROTS, SPINACH and a CHOICE of one of the following: CABBAGE/CELERY/PUMPKIN. If supply is an issue, we will substitute items of equal value in the Rainbow Boxes.

Avocado,  SPRAY FREE $4ea

Apple Juice, Gorae Organics 2L Cert ORGANIC $9  

Apples Gala SPRAY FREE $6kg 

Apples Granny Smith SPRAY FREE $6kg 

Apples Fuji SPRAY FREE $6kg Not available this week

Baking Powder, Aluminium Free $2.5 per 100g  
Banana Cert ORGANIC $7kg 

Beans, green $8kg 

Beetroot, Cert ORGANIC $6kg 

Black Peppercorns, ORGANIC $8/100g

Bok Choy or Pak Choy Cert ORGANIC $2.5ea

Cabbage, Green SPRAY FREE $7ea $4 half
Cabbage, Red SPRAY FREE $7ea, $4 half
Capsicum, Red $13
Carrots Cert ORGANIC $7kg

Carrots, juicing grade, Cert ORGANIC $3.5kg

Cauliflower SPRAY FREE $6ea 

Celery SPRAY FREE $6ea

Chocolate Chips, Dark 70%, vegan Cert ORGANIC $4 per 100g 

Cinnamon, Ceylon/True, Cert ORGANIC $9 per 100g

Corn SPRAY FREE $3ea 
Cos Lettuce SPRAY FREE $6ea

Cucumber, Lebanese Cert ORGANIC $13kg

Dates, Medjool Cert ORGANIC $32kg

Eggplant, SPRAY FREE $11kg

Fennel, SPRAY FREE $4.5ea 

Garlic bulb, purple SPRAY FREE $35kg 
Ginger, Cert ORGANIC $50kg 

Honey, ORGANIC $19 1kg tub Out of stock, sorry!

Kale, Red or Green, SPRAY FREE $6 bunch

Leeks Cert ORGANIC $5ea  

Mixed Salad, Cert ORGANIC $4 /100gram

Mushrooms, white (sml/med) SPRAY FREE $17kg 

Onion, brown (med/lge) SPRAY FREE $4kg
Onion, red Cert ORGANIC $8kg

Oranges, Valencia, $6kg

Parsnip SPRAY FREE $13kg 

Pears, small, Cert ORGANIC $7kg 

Pineapple SPRAY FREE $8e

Potato, Dutch Cream, washed Cert ORGANIC $6kg

Pumpkin, Butternut Cert ORGANIC $4.5kg 

Pumpkin, Jap Cert ORGANIC $5kg 

​Rainbow Chard SPRAY FREE $6

Rapadura Sugar Cert ORGANIC $16kg 

Rhubarb (7-8 stalks) SPRAY FREE $7 

Rolled Oats Cert ORGANIC $6.5kg

Silverbeet Bunch Cert ORGANIC $6 

Spinach, Baby, Cert ORGANIC $4 /100g 

Spring Onions Bunch Cert ORGANIC $6

Sultanas Cert ORGANIC $2.4 100g
Sweet Potato, (sml/med) SPRAY FREE $6kg 

Tomatoes, Cherry, Cert ORGANIC 250g $6 

Tomatoes, Round, Cert ORGANIC $12kg
Watermelon, large SPRAY FREE $4kg (min 1kg, or quarter/half/whole).
Zucchini, (sm/med) Cert ORGANIC $10kg

Please note: For items that are charged by the kg, we weigh each item and charge for the exact amount weighed.

Eg. When 1kg of carrots are ordered, you may receive and be charged for 1.1kg. As you can appreciate, it is difficult to get an exact weight when dealing with whole items. We find that most people would rather the weight be a little over than a little under. Please let us know with your order if you want us to stay under weight. When ordering you are welcome to order in quantities or weights.

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